Binge Eating and Dieting

You can make peace with food…I have a special interest in working with people struggling with binge eating, yo-yo dieting. If this is you I see you. My passion comes from having experienced many diets myself and realising the impact that they have on both physical and mental health. For example, we know that dieting triggers the onset of eating disorders.

For some people binge eating stems from dieting while for others there is a psychological trigger. Whichever it is in your case, help is available. Your struggle is valid and it is not your fault. I believe that listening  and connecting to your body can help you in recovery. Usually people experience feeling disconnect when they binge. This can be distressing and often causes people to blame themselves for not being disciplined enough. You may feel alone, hopeless and ashamed too many times and wondering what to do with these feelings.

I can help. I practice from a HAES® (Health At Every Size®) and body neutral framework. This means that bodies of all sizes can be healthy and your worth is not defined by your body size. I believe that having a healthier relationship with food comes from having freedom of choice instead of having rules about food. Making peace with food and recovery is about creating new ways of relating to food that will honour both your physical and mental health. If you are looking to find peace with food and nurture your body and mind in ways that support you rather than work against you.

Training & Membership Bodies

Certificate in Counselling Concepts • Certificate in Counselling Skills • Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Counselling • Advanced Certificate in CBT Skills • Working with Bing Eating Certificate • How to Deal with Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice Certificate • Mental Health and the Body Certificate • Cruse Bereavement Training • Registered Member of the BACP • Accredited Member of the NCS


Individual Therapy

50 minute individual session



Group therapy for binge eating

90 minute group session with up to 6 members on Zoom.